This is a story of how I put together a script for checking vaccination slots (in India). It’s pretty simple if you are a coder but this post is to explain the process to the general public.

Ok so here’s what I did as the first thing –

I visited the CoWin website, entered my pincode and clicked on the submit button. Then I right-clicked on the web page and clicked on “inspect element” (in Google Chrome).

Then I checked the “network” tab and tried submitting the form twice with different pincodes to see what requests are being sent each…

This post is based on my 6+ years of remote work experience. This is a no BS post on how to ace your remote work game without losing your mind.


When you start working from your home, you could be distracted by n number of things like friends, family, social-media, traffic noises, notifications, door-bells, etc. Or simply by your desire to pick up and check your phone for no reason at all.

We can’t eliminate all our distractions but we can minimize them. Let’s see how to do that –

(1) Interruptions from family members

The easiest way to minimize this distraction is to add…

Note: Not all Mumbai engineers suck but most do! So don’t jump on the bandwagon of offended people by reading the title! Read the full story first :)

Hi, I’m a Computer Engineer from Mumbai. I graduated last year (June 2015) from K.C. College of Engineering which is affiliated to Mumbai University. You probably never heard about this college like most other Engineering colleges in Mumbai.

It’s a good college… and that exactly is the problem! Most Engineering colleges here in Mumbai are good and nothing more than that.

But that’s not the point. The point is about the quality

Omkar Bhagat

I explain stuff!

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